Monday, December 19, 2011

Packaging tape

I had a bunch of coupons for $1 off Duck brand packaging tape and I discovered that Walmart sells it for $1 which would make it free after my coupons! So I think it's safe to say we have enough tape to last us a while. This is my mom's favorite receipt because of the number of coupons on it.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My Publix trip

Publix had a lot of good deals on stuff that my family uses this week! Ok so here's how I did it.

2 boxes of Ritz crackers: These are on sale buy one get one free for $2.99. This makes them $1.50 each. I used 2 printable coupons from good for $1 off any Nabisco Crackers. So I got them for $0.50 a box.

2 jars of Mt. Olive Pickles:  These are on sale buy one get one free for $2.99. This makes them $1.50 each and I used 2 coupons from my newspaper inserts for $0.50 one Mt. Olive product. These double to $1 off so I got them for $0.50 a jar. (I'm pretty sure my family is stocked up on pickles for a long time.)

2 packages of Chinet napkins: These are on sale buy one get one free for $2.15. This makes them $1.07 each. I used 2 printable coupons from (They email you a coupon when you sign up for their "Club Chinet") for $1.00 off any Chinet product. This make them $0.07 a package.

4 packages of Alouette cheese spread: These are on sale buy one get one free for $5.99. This makes them $3.00 each. I used 4 coupons from my newspaper inserts for $1 any alouette cheese spread product. This made them $2.00 each.

2 Cole's frozen bread products (I got one cheese sticks package and one garlic bread loaf): These are on sale buy one get one free for $2.99. This makes them $1.50 each. I used 2 printable coupons from (you have to sign up for their email list) for $0.50 off any Cole's product. These will double to $1.00 which makes them $0.50 each.

2 Birds Eye frozen vegetables: These are 50% off $2.59 which makes them $1.30 each. I used 2 printable coupons available here for $0.50 off 1 Chef's favorite Birds Eye frozen veggies. These will double to $1 off which made them $0.30 each.

12 Deer Park sparkling waters: These were on sale buy one get one free for $0.99. I used 6 printable coupons available here when you "like" their facebook page for $1 off a 1 liter Deer Park sparkling water. This made all 12 of them absolutely FREE!

I hope you guys can get some of these awesome deals!

Duck Brand Packaging Products

Dollar General Store has Duck Brand packaging products on sale this week. I have a few coupons I'm going to try to use for some free items. I'll let you know how it goes!
They did have Duck brand products on sale, but only the 8.5 x 11 and the 6 x 9 inch bubble mailers. These were on sale for $1 each and I had 9 coupons (I actually had way more coupons than that but they didn't have anymore envelopes) for $1 off any Duck brand mailer multipacks (since each of these packages has 2 envelopes in it they count as multipacks). These were completely free! Yay! I love free stuff :)

Monday, December 12, 2011


I forgot to post this one until I started eating one tonight. Produce coupons don't come along very often do I try to take advantage of them. Kroger had pomegranates on sale 10 for $10 last week (I'll have to check and see if they still do). I had coupons for $1 off any POM pomegranate product. Since these happened to be POM brand pomegranates I got them for free :)
These are still 10 for $10 at Kroger. I have a lot of extra coupons if anyone would like them :) I can only eat so many.

Free Sparkling Water

My dad loves to drink sparkling water so I found these coupons for $1 off a 1 liter bottle of Deer Park sparkling water. At Publix these normally sell for $0.99 so they are free with the coupon. The only bad thing about printable coupons is that most websites set a print limit of 2 per computer. Luckily we have 3 computers at my house so I can print 6 of every coupon!
This coupon is still available at so you can print some of your own!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Maybelline Baby Lips Chapstick

This is a deal I'm going to get from Target Saturday after I get off work.
It will also teach you a little bit about stacking coupons. Many stores will allow you to use one store coupon and one manufacturer coupon per item (that's 2 coupons per item!) So in this case I will be using a printable coupon from for $2 off any maybelline lip product and a coupon for $1 off any maybelline item that I got from my newspaper coupons. Both of these coupons will add up to $3 in savings. Since this product sells for $2.99 at Target, I will get it for free!

Where to get coupons

People ask me where I get my coupons. I have a 3 inch binder full of coupons that I have collected, clipped, printed and organized so I'm always prepared.

Every Sunday I buy a newspaper to get an insert with coupons. I also recycle A LOT of paper from magazines, newspapers, printing coupons etc. When I take my recycling to my local recycling center, I look in the bins for discarded newspapers that might happen to have coupons in them. Usually I find at least 7-10 coupon inserts each trip. Hooray! I also read coupon blogs to see when companies post awesome printable coupons. Many companies post coupons on their facebook pages or will email them to you if you sign up for their newsletter.
Happy coupon hunting!